The Grace Card DVD - Movie Based Study Kit

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Number 5 in November’s CBA video chart, The Grace Card is the faith based police action movie set in the tensions of the US southern states.

The movie’s key theme, ‘it’s not justice we need, but grace’ makes engaging and relevant source material for small group study and whole church teaching with this complete DVD study kit.


The Grace Card DVD Study Kit – about the movie

Sam Wright, (Mike Higgenbottom) is the rising star of the Memphis Police while his partner, Mac McDonald (Michael Joiner), is the hard bitten cop who’s seen it all.

With Mac’s son killed by a drug dealer and Sam unwillingly redirected away from his heartfelt calling, both feel the need for justice and retribution. But then there’s the ‘grace card’ and a chance to bring them both back to the truth of the men they were meant to be and the lives they were meant to live.

The Grace Card DVD Study Kit - learning from a faith based film

A movie with a lot to say and lot of questions to ask, The Grace Card makes a great starting point for small group study and whole church teaching.

The study kit has everything you need to plan a four week group study course or church teaching programme.
The series includes questions and issues around:

  • Grace Awakening: Experience freedom by giving and receiving God's grace.
  • Grace Overflowing: Transform your relationships through love and forgiveness.
  • Grace Lessons: Grow and mature through adversity, discipline, and God's Word.
  • Grace in Action: Change the world by extending God's grace.

The complete Grace Card Study Kit Includes:

  • Campaign Planning Guide
  • Resource CD with sermons
  • DVD with movie clips
  • Small Group DVD-Based Study
  • Faces of Grace Devotional
  • Sample promotional tools




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The Grace Card DVD - Movie Based Study Kit Discussion

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