Healing from breast cancer

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Ruth Johnson shares a story of finding God in the midst of her battle over breast cancer

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On Tuesday 31st August 2010 I was diagnosed with Grade 1 breast cancer. The surgeon suggested a mastectomy, ridiculous for a lump I could see and feel which was like a flat 5p piece. He then talked of a lumpectomy. I talked to people I knew who’d had breast cancer . My sister-in-law had leant me a few weeks early her new Spirit filled King James Bible, I opened it and the words Divine Healing highlighted it was part of chain references on that subject. How does the Lord do you do that?  With God on my case I spent many hours reading those aloud, and proclaiming every relevant verse over my body. When I finished my faith was such I was convinced that in speaking out God’s promises, declaring  Jesus’ Words I would be healed, and the Holy Spirit who is greater in me than he who is in the world would deal with the problem.

One friend advised that if my lump was hormone sensitive there were pills to reduce it. By Friday I felt the Lord had a plan that wasn’t an operation, despite the breast cancer nurse talk of pre and post operations by the end of September, and being very negative about taking pills. I didn’t want to be awkward and I had no need to speak to the surgeon again, so asked the Lord to open up the way. That evening I had an answer phone message saying the surgeon wanted to see me at 10 past 10 on Tuesday.  I just laughed, God had answered the first part, so I went one further, “If this is of you, let the surgeon suggest pills!” In the early hours of Sunday morning I awoke with 10:10 on my mind, I thought of my appointment on Tuesday.  But I felt the Lord say, “No, John 10:10 which says, “The devil comes to maim, steal and destroy, but Jesus comes to bring life, and life abundantly.”  I agreed with that and assured God would be with me at 10:10  I promptly went to sleep.       

At 9.00 am on Tuesday our daughter rang having just returned to the UK, and I told her about the cancer diagnosis. Her reply, “I know the Lord told me you had breast cancer three months ago,” and she reminded me of a conversation we’d had previously when I said, “No-one in our family had cancer and we weren’t having it either.”  If my loving heavenly Father had gone to the trouble of telling our daughter before me, I’d no doubt He was on my case.  An hour later the first words out of the surgeon’s mouth were, “I believe you would be interested in taking hormone treatment to shrink the lump, providing its hormone sensitive I think that would be an excellent idea, we can discuss surgery later.”!!! It was difficult not holler, ‘Hallelujah, thank you Lord!’    

If my loving heavenly Father had gone to the trouble of telling our daughter before me, I’d no doubt He was on my case

Three days later I had a phone call to say the lump was 'highly hormone sensitive' and I'd be sent a prescription for the pills. For 18 months I'd felt to speak Ps.27 over my life and just hadn't seen this before: "Even when your enemy comes to eat up your flesh they will stumble and fall." Assured, but with a variety of delays I was ready to take the pills. Before I took the first one on Thursday 23rd September a friend who comes monthly to pray as an after thought I asked her pray for me. The moment she touched me I felt a tremendous heat flow from my face down to my waist and apparently my face went puce and I felt I was burning up. I've never had a hot flush before, and believed this was the Holy Spirit destroying the cancer.

Believing, but not seeing any different I took on the verses "faith is things hoped for and not seen." I now had a quandary, do I take the pills now I no longer have cancer., I spent several hours trying to decide what to do, but it came to me as the had clearly organised that treatment then it was part of His plan, and despite all the contraindications that came with them I should follow that through and believe they would work for good and not for harm!

Two weeks later after five days of chronic stomach pain I’d no doubt it was one of those contraindications!  I rang the Breast Clinic and left a message. Unexpectedly friends I’d not seen for a year visited,and asked, “How are you?”  My reply , "I’ve had breast cancer  Jesus healed me, but now have horrible pains in my stomach, but Jesus will heal those too.  I walked down my kitchen, filled the kettle, and realized I had no pain!  An hour later I was at the shops, walked 10 mins back still  no pain.  The Clinic rang back I explained the problem, and about to say, Jesus has healed me  I realized the pain was back. Worried the nurse sent me to the doctors, the area was inflamed he wanted to see if it settled down, but that night the pain definitely felt worse. 

In the middle of the night I awoke 10:10 dropped into my mind.  I said to the Lord, yes I know John 10:10  he said, “No, not John, Romans 10:10”.  Not wanting to disturb my husband I waited for the morning. Then I read, “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.”  Of course!!  Confessing Jesus was going to heal and believing it I would be healed had brought a Holy Spirit intervention to assure me the job was done.  And when I spoke that confession Jesus would heal me again, He did. It’s the words of my mouth, the understanding of my heart, that makes it acceptable to Him and brings release.  I just needed to do that again. I believe and know God can heal, I spoke it aloud to my husband, and just kept declaring I was healed in Jesus name and after half an hour the pain gradually diminished and was gone.  To this day it has not returned.  Eighteen months later I am still taking the tablets, the surgeon is surprised I have none of the negative symptoms these pills can cause. The swollen part of the lump disappeared within two months, the thin five pence piece lump now reduced to a third the size.

 Halllelujah our God reigns, and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.



This article was written and published by Ruth Johnson for Christian.co.uk


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