Living on a prayer: Curate moves in to Church

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A curate has spent a week living in her church, to raise money for a project in Gambia.

Rev George Smith, 28, a curate in the parish of West Grimsby and part-time Chaplain for Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education, is raising funds for a trip with students from the Institute, to help children in a disadvantaged community.

George, who was also Chaplain at the Bloodstock music festival in 2011, has been living in the Lady Chapel of St Michael’s church in Grimsby, parts of which date back to the 13th century.

And she says that as well as providing an opportunity to raise money, the exercise has given her space to pray and meditate, as she dispenses with some of the busy-ness of normal life.

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But the heavy metal loving curate hasn’t spent the time entirely on her own, as a steady stream of visitors have kept her occupied.

Not that this has made her time easy though, as Rev George chose to restrict herself a meagre twelve belongings for her week in the church, and only one change of clothes.

She said she found the time both challenging and inspiring, as she spent time facing some of the important questions in life, and turning to God in prayer.

After a few days in the church, George said:  “I liked leading the Holy Communion service in the church [which is also] my bed and living room.

“It felt right. There's actually something very comfortable (spiritually, NOT physically!) about going to sleep and waking up in a place of prayer. There are no distractions. I like surrounding myself in prayer. And I know I'm called to a world of distractions, but I am reminded of the need to let my prayer life and my relationship with God affect the distractions, rather than vice versa.”



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Living on a prayer: Curate moves in to Church Discussion

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