Ooberfuse to perform at London rally

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Electro pop band Ooberfuse are set to play at a peace rally in Trafalgar Square, in the memory of murdered politician Shahbaz Bhatti, who was killed for speaking out against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

And the group have recorded a new track called Blood Cries Out, in honour of the Christian leader who was brutally gunned down in his car.

Ooberfuse, an experimental three piece based in London, came to the attention of the public when they performed the Youth Anthem for Pope Benedict’s 2010 UK visit, and then took to the stage at the Madrid Youth Day in 2011.

Their songs contain explicit references to Christian teaching, and one track, Heart’s Cry, even uses a sample of the German Pontiff’s voice.

Now they have turned their attention to the plight of those living under threat of hardship fro their faith, a situation exemplified in the case of Shabhaz Bhatti a Christian Pakistani politician, who was murdered on March 2, 2011.

Front woman Cherrie, whose vocals suffuse the track, said: "We were very touched to have been asked to participate in the rally and concert. It proved to be a grave and solemn undertaking to capture musically the sense of outrage which the spilling of innocent blood naturally arouses.

“We had to balance these feelings with a heart-felt cry to those forces in the world that feed on violence. A positive message of peace and reconciliation is contained in the song. We hope it will help to defuse the rage that fuels such atrocities and abominations."

Ooberfuse vocalist and keyboard player Hal said that the group did extensive research when coming up with Blood Cries Out, including watching disturbing footage of the murdered politician’s bullet hole riddled car.

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He said: “We also watched an interview with Shahbaz weeks before he was killed in which he anticipates further suffering and continuing death threats.

“The song, Blood Cries Out, samples a phrase from the interview in which Shahbaz says he has experienced already the suffering of the cross. It is a tragic irony that Shahbaz’s message to those who would listen was Christ’s very own ‘Do not kill in the name of religion, but love each other.’”

Ooberfuse take a global approach to music making, including instruments and musical styles from East and West to build their highly danceable sound.

Blood Cries Out has a Bhangra flavour, with a Tabla beat running through it. The track will be released on March 2nd, but it can be downloaded now at the band's website.

The peace rally is being sponsored by the British Pakistani Christian Association and Aid to the Church in Need. It will proceed from the Pakistani Embassy in Lowndes Square to Trafalgar Square, on March 10th.



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